Smarter data that enables better diagnostic tools

Images are a powerful tool for diagnostic and interventional purposes. By nature, medical imaging is non to minimally invasive, and consequently is a preferred procedure when monitoring and when repeat acquisition are required. When these images are linked to a patient’s EHR, they enable the development of deep, longitudinal, multi-modal phenotypes.

Image data by the numbers

Image Modalities

NashBio offers a wide range of image modality types to communicate the breadth of a patient's journey.
Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
Ultrasound (US)
Computed tomography (CT)
Positron emission tomography-computed tomography (PET-CT)
Cardiac catheterization

Our Medical Image Process

We take the time to process our image data in a way that ensures maximum usability and relevance to a specific patient's journey.


Doctors request imaging as part of routine care.


We take a two phased approach utilizing automated software and manual review to remove any PHI/PII.

Linked to EHR

We link the image data back to the patient’s de-identified electronic health record.


The DICOM image data, DICOM tags and radiology reports are packaged together.

All NashBio data modalities are fully normalized and have been cross-referenced to provide a harmonized data experience. NashBio is committed to patient privacy, to learn more see Unwavering Commitment to Patient Privacy.