Clinical Data

Smarter data that enables research and discovery

When patients visit Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC), their clinical encounters are documented in VUMC’s electronic health record (EHR). NashBio’s Clinical Data is a synthetic derivative of this EHR, created to enable research and discovery, and is the backbone of our offerings.

Our Clinical Data is:

De-identified under HIPAA Safe Harbor method 
Derived from real-world clinical encounters within the VUMC health system
Representative of the entire patient care journey at VUMC
Updated regularly as new episodes of care occur 

Clinical Data by the Numbers

Our Data Types

Structured clinical data

The clinical features captured in a structured subset of our Clinical Data include:

Lab results
Vital measurements 

Unstructured clinical notes

Insights from our unstructured real-world clinical notes may also be made available. Examples below.

Key feature extracts

New York Heart Association Functional Classes of Heart Failure
Heart failure ejection fraction classification

Confirmation of diagnosis 

Clarifying true autoimmune diagnosis
Sub classification of multiple sclerosis

Objective reports

Pathology report from a biopsy
Radiology report from a PET-CT

Data Curated to Your Needs

NashBio works with our customers to understand their data needs and comfort level navigating large, complex datasets. To support a wide spectrum of users, the structured clinical data is available in the following formats:

Observational Medical Outcomes Partnership (OMOP) format

OMOP is a widely adopted common data model that was created to standardize observational health data
Open source
Relational database

Curated flat files

NashBio’s curated tables enable efficient analysis
Helps customers less familiar with navigating relational databases

Tokenized data option 

A single source of data may lack all the relevant information to answer a customer’s research question. To support customers who require broader datasets, while preserving de-identified status, NashBio is part of the Datavant data ecosystem. NashBio data can be tokenized and linked to other datasets that are available on the Datavant platform.
All NashBio data modalities are fully normalized and have been cross-referenced to provide a harmonized data experience. NashBio is committed to patient privacy, to learn more see Unwavering Commitment to Patient Privacy.