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Smarter data that enables better insights into disease

Biological samples offer insight into the molecular processes at play in our cells and deepen our understanding of human disease. BioVU® is a collection of biosamples that are linked to patients’ electronic health records and scrubbed of all personal identifiers. Patients visiting a VUMC outpatient clinic may consent to participate in BioVU® and donate their excess blood from a clinically-ordered blood draw to BioVU®. Assays may be performed on these biosamples to generate new omic data linked to each patient’s phenome.

BioVU® Data by the Numbers

Types of Biosamples


Banked DNA samples are available for retrospective research and may be used to generate new genetic data, such as whole genome sequences, or epigenomic data, such as methylation.


Plasma samples from purple top tubes (EDTA-preserved) are available for prospective collection and may be used to generate proteomic data.

All NashBio data modalities are fully normalized and have been cross-referenced to provide a harmonized data experience. NashBio is committed to patient privacy, to learn more see Unwavering Commitment to Patient Privacy.