Advanced Analyses

Smarter data that enables deeper analysis and discovery

Large-scale association analyses are commonly performed to link phenotypic and genomic datasets. Study findings may elucidate new targets for drug discovery or new populations that would benefit from a therapeutic. NashBio’s 90,000-subject MEGAEX + linked de-identified electronic health records dataset serves as the substrate for our association studies.

GWAS & PheWAS Studies

Genome-wide association studies (GWAS)

NashBio works with our customers to define appropriate case and control cohorts, balancing cohort refinement with adequate sample size. A GWAS package includes a statistical output file (e.g., P-values, odds ratio, variant), Manhattan plots and Q-Q plots.

Phenome-wide association studies (PheWAS)

NashBio can deliver precomputed PheWAS data from the entire dataset or perform a custom PheWAS analysis based on the genes and variants of interest to our customers. A PheWAS package includes a statistical output file (e.g., P-values, odds ratio, variant) and Manhattan plots.

All NashBio data modalities are fully normalized and have been cross-referenced to provide a harmonized data experience. NashBio is committed to patient privacy, to learn more see Unwavering Commitment to Patient Privacy.