Our History

Genomics is one of the fastest developing research areas in the world today. Due to rapid advancements, in-depth genetic analysis has become essential in R&D and clinical practice.

With drug development costs forecast to double every nine years, we need more than ever to improve R&D productivity and uncover new ways to diagnose and care for diseases more efficiently. In order to increase the speed-to-market for life sciences companies, it’s imperative that we fully recognize and capture the potential of human genetics in drug and diagnostics R&D.

Understanding the Complex Relationship Between Genes and Disease

At Nashville Biosciences, we are gaining valuable genetic insights through BioVU®, a biobank of millions of longitudinal medical records spanning over 10 years with hundreds of thousands of matched genetic samples. Created at Vanderbilt University Medical Center and Vanderbilt University, BioVU® is a biorepository of DNA extracted from discarded blood collected during routine clinical testing. Through the use of Nashville Biosciences’ advanced technology and novel algorithms, the team is discovering important genetic associations and identifying genes that contribute to help advance the R&D efforts of our partners.

Transforming the DNA of Life Science Research and Development

As a subsidiary of Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Nashville Biosciences is partnering with the healthcare industry to leverage the power of BioVU® and provide unparalleled clinical insight, resources, and expertise to a wide range of R&D challenges.


Meet the Team

The Nashville Biosciences team is comprised of industry veterans, physicians and scientists dedicated to serving our clients.

Leeland Ekstrom, PhD

Co-Founder, CEO & Director

John Moran, MBA

Chief Marketing Officer

Chu Capalleja

Strategic Finance & Corporate Development

Jon Duane, MBA

Co-Founder & Director
Senior Partner Emeritus, McKinsey & Co.

John F. Manning, Jr., PhD, MBA

Chief Operating Officer & Corporate Chief of Staff, VUMC

John F. Stein, B.S., MBA

Former State President & former National Healthcare Industry Executive, Bank of America | Vice-Chairman of the Board, VUMC | Board member, Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame & Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt | Council member, W.O. Smith Music School | Executive Council Member, American Securities LLC


Unwavering Commitment to Patient Privacy

Patient welfare is a top priority for Nashville Biosciences and as such, we are committed to transparency in our practices and ensuring the protection of patient data.

Prior to any blood test, patients are provided with information about BioVU®, its research and goals. After learning about the program, patients are presented with a consent form in which they can either choose to donate their leftover blood sample or decline to participate. If a patient does not want to donate any leftover samples to BioVU®, they simply do not sign the form. If a patient consents to share his or her leftover samples with BioVU® and is a match for current research programs, BioVU® removes all personally identifiable information from the sample and medical record, then stores it in a safe and secure location. Additionally, if a patient changes their mind after signing the BioVU® consent form, they can call a BioVU® helpline to withdraw their participation from any future research.

Nashville Biosciences, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, and BioVU® regularly engage experts in ethics, science and research, operations, data security, and patient advocacy, among others, to ensure the accessibility and transparency of our information and to inform engagement with all stakeholders, including patients.